Biologique Recherche Stainless Steel Cryo-Sticks

Biologique Recherche Stainless Steel Cryo-Sticks

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Biologique Recherche cryo-sticks are skin reaction soothing refrigerant sticks designed in stainless steel with additional cooling properties. This tool is designed for to act on skin suffering from redness & inflammation. 


  • Keep in the fridge so the Cryo Sticks will maintain a certain level of thermical energy
  • Use under eyes in the morning to depuff and brighten skin
  • Use over skin mask to soothe, life and tighten the skin with a cooling sensation


    • Fresh sensation on the skin
    • Relaxation
    • Reduction of redness on the skin
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Tightening effect
    • Defined form perfect for each contour of the face and neck.


    • Skin that suffers from redness and inflammation
    • Sensitive and reactive skin 

    Size Available: A set of 2 cryo-sticks included 

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