Biologique Recherche Repairing & Plumping Lotion 30ml

Biologique Recherche Repairing & Plumping Lotion 30ml

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Lotion MC110 N°1 is a plumping, repairing liquid booster that gently exfoliates even the thinnest skin. This is the only professional booster that can be purchased by a client. Marks and irregular skin are smoothed out, while wrinkles and fine lines softened. The facial contours appear redefined, and the skin is toned and moisturised.


  • Apply the lotion with a cotton pad, quickly pressing and vibrating into the skin 
  • Use product as a ten-day course of intensive treatment for the face 


  • Exfoliating agents : Lactic Acid and Cider Vinegar
  • Plumping agents: Sponge & Burdock Extract
  • Renovating agents: Vitamine PP & Walnut Extract 


  • Thin to normal skin types 
  • Recommended for all skin types except extremely sensitive

Size Available: 30ml

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